Cleaning after a fire

Cleaning after fire or water damage


Has your building been affected by fire? Besides the emotional damage, the damage caused by fire, smoke and water should not be underestimated. At times like these, Orisma is happy to help. We help you clean after a fire by emptying, clearing up and cleaning your building.

Damage limitation

In the event of fire, smoke, soot or water damage, it is crucial to bring in a specialised team fast. They can analyse the situation quickly and get to work to keep the damage to a minimum.

To limit the damage as far as possible, we clean anything that can be recovered. We remove items that are too severely damaged. Then we start cleaning your premises from top to bottom.

How can we help you?

Our services for cleaning after a fire:

  • Removing residual mud and rubble
  • Cleaning or removing damaged items
  • Cleaning walls, ceilings, PVC and wooden fittings in preparation for the painters
  • Removing traces of soot and smoke
  • Neutralising lingering odours
Cleaning after a fire

Want more information about cleaning after a fire?

You can rely on our experienced team of staff to clean up after a fire or deal with water damage. Ask now how we can help or request a quote with no obligations.

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