Roof cleaning

High time to clean the roof?

Both flat and sloping roofs get dirty over time, for example due to moss, lichen or dead leaves. Besides making your building look a mess, dirt can seriously damage your roof. Dirt also builds up in gutters and on solar panels. This leads to blocked gutters and less efficient solar panels. As a roof cleaning specialist, we can return your roof to tiptop condition.

Why is roof cleaning important?

Besides making your roof look nice, roof cleaning has other benefits:

  • You prevent damage to your roof
  • You increase the life span of the roof
  • You save yourself the cost of repairing the roof

Remove moss from sloping roofs now and then

There is not supposed to be moss on the roof. A mossy roof looks neglected, and the moss damages the surface of the roof. Moss attaches itself to every little nook and cranny, and when it freezes in the winter, this may crack the roof covering. So it is important to clean the roof from time to time. We do it for you professionally.

What about flat roofs?

Flat roofs need more maintenance than sloping roofs. This is because leaves, twigs and other debris are more likely to be left lying on the surface. A build-up of dirt causes mould and may even lead to damp problems over time. Taking good care of your flat roof makes it last longer. That is why we would be glad to give your flat roof a thorough cleaning.

A clean roof, step by step

This is how we do it:

  • Steam-cleaning
  • Treatment with an environmentally friendly moss remover

No more blocked gutters or dirty solar panels

When we clean your roof, we also make sure the dirt is removed from your gutters. We carefully cover the ground around your buildings so that we don’t leave any traces behind. Our employees also clean your solar panels. Osmosis cleaning ensures that your solar panels produce the desired yield again.


Do you think your roof needs a thorough cleaning? Feel free to contact us for more information about roof cleaning or for a quote with no obligations.

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