Regular cleaning

Window cleaning at companies

Are you looking for a window cleaner? Orisma would love to help. As a window cleaning specialist, we have the right solution for every pane.

Window cleaning: what does that involve?

Orisma cleans the windows of offices, shops, small businesses, schools, shared spaces, etc. We clean:

  • Display windows, including window frames
  • Glass partitions, skylights, etc.
  • Façade panels and roller shutters

We opt resolutely for the safest, most environmentally friendly cleaning techniques to clean your windows. Besides traditional window cleaning, you can also come to us to for reverse osmosis cleaning of your windows.

Height is no problem

We can even handle high windows. If necessary, we will use a ladder, scaffolding, elevated platform, etc. To tackle extreme heights and places that are difficult to access, we bring in climbers who reach your windows on ropes.

At Orisma, safety is key. That is why we conduct a study before major projects, with a fully documented risk analysis. The study enables our employees to evaluate hazards correctly and thus avoid accidents.

Why choose Orisma for window cleaning?

  • Our experienced window cleaners know their trade
  • We call by when it suits you
  • We use safe, environmentally friendly techniques and products
  • We are only satisfied once your windows are really clean

Interested in window cleaning for your company? Orisma works all over Belgium. We look forward to making a proposal that takes all your wishes into account. Are you looking for a professional window cleaner? Feel free to contact us for a quote with no obligations.

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