Exterior cleaning

Exterior cleaning makes all the difference

The walls of your building have a lot to endure. Moss, algae, soot and limescale can all leave deposits on your outer walls. Exterior cleaning makes your building look the way it deserves to look again. Fortunately, there are various cleaning methods to restore your building’s shine. Orisma only uses top quality, environmentally friendly products.

Gentle exterior cleaning

This is the most frequently used method for exterior cleaning. As we use boiling water, this technique is also extremely efficient at low pressure. It allows us to clean your walls without damaging the structure of the façade. Because most of the dirt on outer walls is caused by algae that soften and dissolve in hot water, you are sure to obtain great results.

Oh no, graffiti!

Have creative vandals given your walls a going-over with graffiti? We remove graffiti using the technique that is best for the material your outer walls are made of. A plastic panel needs a different approach to a brick wall. We return every façade to its original condition.

Worker cleans graffiti from a public building wall using pressure sand blaster.

Orisma is a specialist in exterior cleaning, so you can rest assured that the work will be done properly. Do you want more information about exterior cleaning or a quote with no obligations? Feel free to contact us.

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