Reverse osmosis cleaning

What is reverse osmosis cleaning?

How do we get your windows so clean? The secret is a professional cleaning technique called reverse osmosis cleaning (or water-fed pole cleaning). It uses water that is free from minerals, salts, pesticides or particles of dirt: water in its purest form. That is why it is not necessary to dry windows that have been cleaned with a reverse osmosis system. The water dries without leaving streaks, simply because there is nothing in the water that can leave any residue.

How does reverse osmosis cleaning work?

The purified water is applied with an extendible, telescopic handle. The telescopic handle is attached to a brush that distributes the purified water over the windowpane. The water is pumped up the handle in a hose, so it is constantly sprayed onto the glass while the window is being brushed. Reverse osmosis cleaning does not need much pressure to be exerted on the windowpane. The purified water bonds with the dirt, rinsing the windows clean. It even removes dirt from the pores in the glass.

A sustainable choice

No extra cleaning products are required with a reverse osmosis system. The water itself is pure enough. This method is automatically better for the environment than cleaning with water and soap. However, reverse osmosis cleaning does generally use more water than traditional window cleaning. We try to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible by not using any more water with this technique than necessary.

Why opt for reverse osmosis cleaning?

  • No extra cleaning products required
  • Optimally sparkling, dust-free windows
  • Perfect for high buildings and windows that are difficult to access

Convinced of the benefits of reverse osmosis cleaning? Our staff have plenty of experience with the reverse osmosis system and will be happy to pay a visit to clean your windows.

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