Window cleaning

Sparkling windows give your business a clean, professional image. Call on us to clean your windows, look after your window frames, freshen up your façade panels, etc. We also work at great height.

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Initial cleaning

Are you looking for a cleaning company to clean the windows of a new building or renovated property? Orisma would love to help with this specific cleaning task. Our team has years of experience in cleaning new homes, offices, schools, etc. Project developers, contractors and building managers all enjoy working with us to ensure their brand-new premises really shine.

Regular cleaning

Are you looking for a window cleaner? Orisma would love to help. As a window cleaning specialist, we have the right solution for every pane.

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Reverse osmosis cleaning

How do we get your windows so clean? The secret is a professional cleaning technique called reverse osmosis cleaning (or water-fed pole cleaning). It uses water that is free from minerals, salts, pesticides or particles of dirt: water in its purest form. That is why it is not necessary to dry windows that have been cleaned with a reverse osmosis system. The water dries without leaving streaks, simply because there is nothing in the water that can leave any residue.

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A clear vision of cleaning and maintenance

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Our approach

For many companies, cleaning and maintaining buildings and offices is a sore point. It’s an extra task on top of all your other professional duties. Orisma always aims to provide the best solution with customised service. We focus on flexibility, reliability and sustainability. That way, we can take all the work off your hands.