Cleaning roof tiles

Cleaning roof tiles


All sloping roofs get dirty after a while due to moss or dead leaves. Besides making your building look a mess, dirt can seriously damage your roof. So get your roof tiles cleaned by professionals! As a roof-cleaning specialist, we restore every roof to its former glory.

Why clean roof tiles?

Moss and other dirt can make your roof covering porous and even cause leaks. So it is crucial to ensure your roof is cleaned regularly. But there are many other benefits to cleaning your roof tiles. A clean roof looks nicer, you will avoid damage to your roof, and it will last longer – which means you’ll save yourself the cost of getting the roof repaired.

Removing moss from your roof

Many roofs have moss on them, but it is not really supposed to be there. That is because it damages your roof covering. Moss attaches itself to every tiny nook and cranny, and in freezing weather it can make your roof covering crack. So it is essential to do some maintenance work on your roof now and then. Call in professional help so that you can be sure you don’t cause any unnecessary damage.

Step by step to a clean roof

Our experienced staff clean your roof tiles with professional, environmentally friendly materials. We start the cleaning process with our steam cleaner, the SteamBlaster, that cleans using high temperatures, high pressure and steam. By heating water at high pressure, the SteamBlaster generates a thermic shock effect, loosening dirt from the roof.

After that, we treat your roof tiles with an environmentally friendly moss remover.


In addition, a lot of dirt accumulates in gutters in a short time. That is why our team also tackles your gutters while they’re at it. We make sure to remove all the dirt and debris. We carefully cover the ground around your building while we’re at work, so that we don’t leave any mess behind.

Do you want to get your roof tiles cleaned?

Do you plan to make your roof last longer by getting it cleaned? Or do you want to find out more about our approach to cleaning roof tiles first? Feel free to contact us or request a quote with no obligations. We will be glad to help!

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