Contact points

Disinfecting contact points

Viruses, bacteria and fungi are transmitted through the air, but also by hands and objects. Consider objects like door handles, light switches, stair railings, keyboards and other important contact points.

Disinfection makes surfaces and contact points germ free, limits breeding grounds for germs and slows down the transmission of disease. So ask Orisma to disinfect your business premises regularly. Our teams work with the greatest of care, limiting all risks. They use disinfectants based on alcohol or beneficial bacteria.

To spread disinfectants evenly and effectively, we use an e-spray where necessary. This is a professional pistol sprayer that uses electrostatic induction. That way, we can properly disinfect keyboards, telephones, cash registers and other places that are difficult to reach.

Fighting viruses together

Most viruses spread through the air and land on surfaces and objects such as desks, telephones, keyboards, light switches, etc. Orisma would love to help you stop the transmission of diseases inside your company so that we can protect your company and employees.

This is how Orisma helps to prevent infectious diseases:

  • Disinfecting offices and workstations
  • Disinfecting business premises, shops, schools and hotels
  • Disinfecting contact points: offices, desks, telephones, headsets, computer mice, keyboards, door handles, light switches, lift buttons, etc.
  • Disinfecting carpets
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Rely on Orisma to disinfect your contact points effectively. Ask now how we can help you or request a quote with no obligations.

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