Initial cleaning of buildings and premises

Initial cleaning of new building or renovation

Orisma is an expert cleaning partner during and after your building projects. A thorough cleaning of a property before it is accepted requires a degree of specialist skill. Thanks to our professional equipment and products, our experienced cleaners can clean your new building or renovated property quickly and efficiently. That way you can deliver spick-and-span buildings. Your customer can start using the property as soon as they have accepted it. That’s a valuable contribution to your reputation as a professional construction partner.

Orisma tackles all final cleaning projects extensively:

  • Removing dust from a property
  • Thorough general cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Removing cement residues from wall or floor tiles
  • Removing paint and silicon residues
  • Removing stickers from windows, fitted cupboards, etc.
  • Cleaning radiators and ventilation grilles

Rely on Orisma for initial cleaning of your new building or renovated property before acceptance. Ask now how we can help you or request a quote with no obligations.

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