Construction sector

During the construction process

Building work often entails a lot of rubbish, dust and dirt. A tidy building site is safer for your employees and gives your customers a professional impression. Orisma’s specialised teams keep your site tidy and clean your buildings with great care. So you can deliver them to the customer in perfect confidence. Thanks to our professional approach, you can show off new buildings or renovated spaces at their best.

New buildings and renovation projects

Call on Orisma at the end of the construction process for full, final cleaning before acceptance by the customer. We make sure your customers can move into perfectly clean surroundings after our visit.

Our cleaning and maintenance services in the construction sector

During the construction process

We remove leftover building materials and packaging, and clean the building completely so that it is ready for occupation.


Retail: complete cleaning of shops

Cleaning work, in phases if required, for clean windows, sparkling floors and spick-and-span spaces.


New buildings and/or renovation projects

Complete cleaning before occupation of new or renovated spaces.


Rely on Orisma to clean your sites and buildings before acceptance by the customer. Ask now how we can help you or request a quote with no obligations.

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