Schools and crèches

A clean school

Schools are the favourite playgrounds of infectious diseases. That is why we pay extra attention to creating a hygienic environment in places where children or young people learn and play together. Orisma cleans your school with the appropriate disinfectants. We do this with special attention to all surfaces that are often touched.

Or a hygienic crèche

Because large groups of babies and toddlers spend time together in crèches, many viruses and bacteria thrive there. To prevent the spread of runny noses and other infections as much as possible, Orisma looks forward to helping you keep your crèche perfectly clean.

Our cleaning and maintenance services in the schools and crèches sector

School maintenance

Cleaning classrooms and dining halls, disinfecting and other maintenance tasks.


Initial cleaning of new building or renovation

Complete cleaning before occupation of new or renovated spaces.


Disinfecting contact points

Cleaning of light switches, door handles, stair railings, school desks, etc.


Building maintenance

We ensure that you have a tidy car park, clean façade or well-maintained roof. And our odd-job service fixes all kinds of minor problems.


Window cleaning

Create a good first impression with sparkling windows and façade panels.


Rely on Orisma to clean your school or crèche. Ask now how we can help you or request a quote with no obligations.

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