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Do you need help cleaning your shop or display room? Or have you just opened a new shop? You can count on Orisma. Our team of professional staff will be glad to take care of your shop cleaning.

The importance of a clean shop

How hygienic your shop is will go a long way towards determining the shopping experience that your customers have. Their first impression is crucial, as it influences their purchasing behaviour. That is why it is so important for shops – from local convenience stores to big shopping centres – to undergo thorough shop cleaning on a regular basis.

To clean and maintain your shop the right way, it is best to call in a professional cleaning company with the necessary experience. Our professional team will clean your shop right down to the tiniest nook and cranny.

Our services for your shop

Orisma helps you clean:

  • Windows
  • Floors
  • Shop shelves, displays, cash registers and counters
  • Toilets
  • Interior and exterior walls
  • Escalators
  • Stockrooms
  • Car parks

Because every business is different, we provide custom services for your company. Do you want a one-off clean for the opening or reopening of your shop? Or are you looking for a cleaning expert for weekly cleaning? Clear arrangements set the stage for sparkling results.

Window cleaning

You can make a great first impression with sparkling display windows and shop doors. But these are also the first things to get dirty, caused by fingerprints and dust and dirt that blows in off the street. That is why we would love to tackle your display windows and shop doors on a regular basis.

shop cleaning

Want more information about shop cleaning?

Do you want to have your shop cleaned by our professional team? Feel free to contact us or ask for a quotation right away.

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