Clean paving stones

Let professionals clean your paving stones


Is your car park in urgent need of cleaning? Or have you got paving stones elsewhere that need freshening up? As time passes, a green layer accumulates on paving stones. That doesn’t give a very good impression, and it is not safe for your customers. Orisma thoroughly cleans your paving stones so that they fit your company’s image. Find out how we clean your paving stones!

Rely on a team of professionals

Are you considering cleaning your paving stones yourself? That’s not a good idea! There is a risk that you may damage the paving stones beyond repair. The wrong approach or the wrong product can damage the top layer of the paving stones. The result is that the paving stones may lose their colour or become porous.

To be sure of high-quality, long-lasting cleaning, it is best to call in the professionals. Our teams have the right products and knowledge as well as professional high-pressure cleaners. We always put together a motivated team of employees that suits your company to a tee. All our staff are skilled, with the necessary training and experience.

Hard on dirt, gentle on your paving stones

We use a SteamBlaster to clean your paving stones. This is professional equipment that cleans using high pressure, steam and high temperatures.

By heating water at high pressure, the SteamBlaster generates a thermic shock effect, loosening dirt from the surface. Our staff regulate the pressure and temperature perfectly to avoid damaging the surface.

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