School maintenance

Maintenance of schools or crèches

Good hygiene and safety are enormously important in a setting where many children or young people spend time together, such as schools and crèches.

Cleaning your school

Cleaning and maintenance a school require a planned and targeted approach. Thanks to Orisma’s professional cleaning services, you can be sure of a clean, hygienic place for everyone at school. We help you with a cleaning package tailored to suit your school.

A hygienic crèche

When it comes to the health of babies and toddlers, we don’t take any risks. That is why a clean, hygienic environment is so important. Orisma helps you make your crèche a clean, safe place.

Orisma helps schools and crèches with:

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Rely on Orisma to clean your school or crèche. Ask now how we can help you or request a quote with no obligations.

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