Remove graffiti

Remove graffiti professionally


Has your wall been covered in graffiti without your knowledge (and against your will)? We bet you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Graffiti is stubborn and not easy to remove. So it’s best to call in the professionals. Trust Orisma, a specialised outer wall cleaner, to remove graffiti.

Tailored to your wall

The method we use to remove graffiti depends on your wall and its surface. Orisma always takes a customised approach to your business. That allows us to clean your walls completely without damaging the materials they are made of. Choosing Orisma means choosing to get the work done properly.

We often use steam cleaning, a method that causes minimal damage to the environment. This method also limits the risk to the surface that has been covered in graffiti. It is a technique we also use for general exterior cleaning, so our professional staff have plenty of experience with it.

Environmentally friendly

We care about the environment in all the work we do. We only use top quality, environmentally friendly products for exterior cleaning as well. That makes your building look the way it deserves to look again, without having an impact on the environment.


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