Removing moss from roofs

Let professionals remove moss from your roof


Both sloping and flat roofs get dirty over time, due to moss, lichen or dead leaves. Besides making your building look unattractive, dirt can really cause problems for your roof by damaging the roofing material. Gutters can also be blocked by accumulations of debris. That makes it important to clean your roof regularly. Rely on Orisma to remove moss from roofs!

Why is it necessary to remove moss from roofs?

As we just said, a clean roof looks nicer, but it is necessary too. Regular maintenance prevents damage to your roof. This is because moss makes the roofing porous, which may lead to leaks. Removing moss from roofs considerably increases the lifespan of the roof. It also saves you the cost of repairing your roof that you will inevitably have to pay without decent maintenance.

The difference between a sloping roof and a flat one

Flat roofs need more maintenance than sloping roofs. This is because leaves, twigs and other dirt are more likely to be left lying on the surface of a flat roof. When debris accumulates, mould can cause damp problems. So it is crucial to ensure your flat roof is well maintained. That includes regular moss removal. We are looking forward to giving your flat or sloping roof a thorough cleaning.

How do we go about it?

We use the SteamBlaster to remove moss from roofs. This professional equipment cleans using high temperatures, high pressure and steam.

By heating water at high pressure, the SteamBlaster generates a thermic shock effect, loosening dirt from the roof. Our professional staff regulate the pressure and temperature perfectly to return your roof to tiptop condition.

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