Cleaning in schools

Cleaning partner for your school


In a school setting where many children and young people gather, good hygiene is particularly important. That is why you can count on Orisma for cleaning in schools. We would also be happy to take on maintenance work in the school building or other odd jobs. Orisma is the ideal cleaning partner for your school!

Cleaning in schools

To thoroughly clean and maintain a school, you need a planned and targeted approach. Orisma’s professional cleaning services ensure there is a clean, hygienic place for everyone at school. We look forward to helping out with an approach tailored to suit your school.

We always aim to provide the best possible solution for your school, thanks to our customised service. What is more, flexibility, reliability and sustainability are key concepts in our approach. Our professional staff take the work off your hands, just the way you want it. That leaves you free to focus on all the other tasks involved in running a school.

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Besides cleaning in schools, you can also come to us for:

When it comes to children’s health, we’d rather not take any unnecessary risks. That is why a clean, hygienic environment is so important. Together we ensure safe surroundings where children can concentrate on learning.

Could the outside of your school do with freshening up? You can also count on us to clean a car park, roof or facade.

Cleaning in schools

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Do you want to find out more about our approach to cleaning in schools? Or our other services? Feel free to contact us or ask for a custom quotation right away! We will be happy to help.

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